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PRISM: PRomoting digitization in the agriculture Industry for Sustainable farMing




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A VET toolkit promoting digitization in the agriculture Industry for sustainable farming

With the world’s population growing constantly, it is crucial to figure out how to sustainably feed more people. This entails figuring out how to make more food with fewer resources and lower costs. This is where Agriculture 4.0 comes in; it aims to produce more food, more efficiently, by utilizing technological advancements and developments in equipment, software, and methodology in general.



PRISM as a collaboration among 7 partner institutions (2 from Poland, Italy, Malta, N. Macedonia, Greece, and Cyprus), will contribute to the development of an Open Education Resource for VET trainers to meet the farmers long-term need for education, towards the innovation and modernization of farming and agriculture in the frames of Agriculture 4.0 to secure their livelihood in their sector over time. The purpose of the project is an international synergy between these 7 European organisations with the same need –To help VET trainers redefine a sustainable sector based on Agriculture 4.0 through a VET open education resource.


  • Beginners Guide written in a simple manner in order to allow for a good understanding of the concepts of blending agriculture with the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0).
  • Case study e-book to allow for easier assimilation of the philosophy of Agriculture 4.0.
  • Curriculum for VET trainers that will contain the information necessary for enabling a VET Trainer to educate/train farmers in matters of modern technology relevant to their field of work.
  • Open Education Resource including an e-Learning platform that will be used as a learning tool in the framework of Farmers@Agriculture 4.0 for spreading knowledge on the one hand and training on the other.


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Environmental Education in outdoor settings made us realise that environment can be an excellent teaching and learning tool for children to learn how to protect and conserve it for the benefit of nature and humans!

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