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OPEN MIND: Innovative Methodology for preventing Radicalization to promote Social Inclusion of Youth




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OPEN MINDS project will explore the socio-economic drivers of radical religious and political ideologies prone to incite or lead to violence. It will also analyze exit strategies and disengagement from radical contexts and present complementary knowledge on non-radicalizing identity. Extensive fieldwork will be conducted and the research findings will be translated into two intervention scenarios (gaming and training) which will directly enable young people to take an active role in a more inclusive Europe. Our consortium will draw on the existing state-of-the-art research across relevant disciplines (from conflict and terrorism studies, sociology, psychology, geography, linguistics, moral philosophy, computer science and econometrics) to pave a way for exploring the understudied links between socio-economics, radicalization and deradicalization and related socio-ecological resilience.




- A Synthesis report on how socio-economics affect psychological and social mechanisms of polarization and radicalization of youth living in urban areas of the project countries (IO1)

- Collection and analysis of deradicalization pathways towards Social Inclusion (IO2)

- Development of an innovative game and training material for promoting Social Resilience and Social Inclusion of Youth (IO3)

- Advance comprehensive evidence-based knowledge of trends and socio-economic drivers of polarization and radicalization and complementary knowledge on non-radicalizing identities and disengagement;

- Increased knowledge regarding the links between social inclusion/exclusion and socio-economic factors related to polarization and radicalization in urban contexts, combined with the provision of effective tools in order to address this issue;

- Promotion of extensive multi-agency collaboration between various social-service providers and the educational system for preventing radicalization and promoting social inclusion of youth;

- Increased capacity of local institutions, organizations and civil society actors on how to calibrate their approaches and resources to increase socio-ecological resilience and protect communities and individuals that are vulnerable to radicalization and violent extremism.

- Strengthen the capacity of the EU and its Member States to develop effective prevention policies and intervention scenarios supporting social inclusion in local contexts;

- Successful integration of the young generation in a more inclusive and sustainable Europe;

- By developing concrete and applicable intervention scenarios (IO3) and by generating new knowledge about how socio-ecological resilience can prevent radicalization (IO1 and IO2),

OPEN MINDS provide valuable insights that EU and other stakeholders can use for addressing violent extremisms.








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