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New directions in fitness industry: Enriching and strengthening our trainers and learners' knowledge and skills in the contemporary trends of fitness




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Our organization in its effort of improvement and organisation, through a small-scale research among its trainers and trainees, has identified its needs and defined its goals. The results of the small-scale research show that our organization needs to improve on its already existing training programs that it offers in the field of fitness and sports with new knowledge, to offer new training programs that refer to the new trends of modern fitness, to acquire new educational and training experiences by trainees in the field of training abroad, giving them the opportunity, in addition to their participation in new and innovative programs for acquiring knowledge, and communication and collaboration with other trainers and trainees to exchange views, ideas and good practices in their field, the application of research principles and methods to the examination of current issues in nutrition and health, and has manifested itself the need to participate in European programs to give our business a European dimension through communication and cooperation with similar organizations in Europe.


As part of our efforts to improve and develop our organization, we have prepared an "Improvement and Development Plan of STANDO Ltd". For the implementation of this plan, the training of our trainers and trainees was clearly identified as a basic necessity and the need for a time extension of the project for at least two years to meet its objectives, was recognized. Within this framework, we choose to participate in European training seminars, among which are Lifelong Learning programs, such as the present project. A possible approval of the project and its implementation will be the first step towards the internationalization of our organization in Europe and its continued involvement in corresponding projects that will take place in the future. It will enable our organisation to acquire rich experiences, build trust and co-operation relationships with bodies and organizations from other European Union countries and develop the skills for its future participation in new programs. For the period 2019-2020, we will focus on 5 key areas of professional training for our trainers and trainees, through targeted seminars in the most important areas that have been decided to serve our needs and goals:


Improve our trainers in training techniques, methods and practices


New trends in fitness and sports


The current trends in children workout


Exercise and athletic nutrition


Outdoor sports in nature

  We believe that the improvement of their knowledge and experience in the new trends in the field of fitness, as well as the knowledge, the exchange of opinions and the development of communication relations with trainers and trainees from other European countries and the diffusion of the acquired knowledge and experience to the other trainers and trainees, will significantly strengthen and contribute to the improvement of our organization. 





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Robotics and STEM training course made us realise how knowledge and learning has moved to new dimensions! Technology has long entered our lives and we need to be continuously educated to keep up with the demands of the new digital era and safely introduce our students to the digital world!

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